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About Me

Hello! I am Matias.

From the age of 14 I write code. On this short trip I worked as a freelancer for companies and founded a couple of startups...

I write for the web, I'm a consultant and I have a podcast where I share conversations with leading entrepreneurs in their industry.

In short, I love knowing new stories, sharing them and leaving a legacy.

Here are a few technologies I've been working with recently:

  • Ruby on Rails 6
  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • HTML & (S)CSS
  • React
  • PHP

My latest jobs

Founder & CEO @ Diabecarp

August 2019 - Actual
  • An application where people with diabetes can record, analyze and share information with their doctor or any other person in real time.
  • We work to reduce the impact of this disease with technology and information. For this, we develop courses, articles and an algorithm for the recommendation of insulin doses...
  • Develop the entire we platform in RoR. MVP Mobile on Ionic. And an algorithm for the recommendation of insulin doses.
  • Implementation of various APIs, such as MercadoPago, AWS, Nutritrionix, Google & FB Auth.

Other Projects

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A simple market for buying and selling by zones. A kind of Mercado Libre but locally.

  • Ruby on Rails 5
  • AWS S3

New webpage. Tempec, the new, smart temperature monitor and controller that keeps your business's goods safe 24/7.

  • HTML
  • SASS
  • JS
La ensalada

New web page. Alimentos saludables, frescos, hechos en el momento, en forma rápida, con sabor natural y casero, nutritivos balanceados. México.

  • HTML
  • SASS
  • JS

What's Next?

Get In Touch

I am convinced that there are very interesting projects out there, incredible stories that are written every day... It doesn't matter if you sell candy or create the new Apple, many times you just need a good contact.

This is why I am always open to new offers. Even if I don't get involved, I want to know your story.

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